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Public Writing

While living and working in Beijing from 2014-2015, I wrote a number of essays and exhibition reviews for LEAP / 艺术节, China's bilingual contemporary art magazine (where I was employed as their English editor), and The Art Newspaper China (see below).

Though I took a break from more public-facing writing while in graduate school, I'm now in the process of returning to it. In addition to art and technology, I like to write about food, identity, and culture. Currently, I'm working on an essay which explores the Jewish-American tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas through my own experience as a mixed-race woman of Han Chinese and Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Selected Writing for LEAP/ 艺术节 and The Art Newspaper China


December 2014 (special issue on Education).

"Zhan Wang: Morph" (Exhibition Review)

LEAP, February 2015 (re-published in 2019

in “Best of LEAP” commemorative issue). Published in both Chinese and English.

“Sailor Moon and Shades of Pink: Jeanette Hayes.”

LEAP, June 2015 (special issue on Subculture). Published in both Chinese and English.

“Creative License: Degrees for Art”

LEAP, December 2014 (special issue on Education). Published in both Chinese and English.

"Tolstoy: The First Russian Daoist?"
(Review of "Leo Tolstoy and His Era" at the National Museum of China)

The Art Newspaper China, 2014. Published in Chinese translation. 

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